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B-Winemaker Workshop

Assemblage Les Grands Chênes 18+
Assemblage Les Grands Chênes group Group of 10 and more - 18+
Assemblage La Tour Carnet 18+
Assemblage La Tour Carnet group Group of 10 and more - 18+
Assemblage Pape Clément
Assemblage Pape Clément group Group of 10 and more - 18+
Visitor without tasting
Visitor without tasting group

Create your own personalized bottle of wine

A unique experience in discovering and learning about classified Grands Crus! Create your favorite wine blend yourself and take the souvenir bottle of your personal vintage to share with your friends.

You will visit the vat room and cellars with the sommelier of Château Pape Clément before entering the heart of the B-Winemaker experience.


  • Taste wines of Cabernet and Merlot grape varieties, assemble them using professional test tubes, compare your blends, bottle your chosen blend, seal, and then cap your bottle.
  • Then make your personalized label to take your souvenir bottle to share with your friends and let them discover your creation.
  • Enjoy a glass of Château Pape Clément at the end of the workshop.
  • Creation of a personalized bottle
  • Visit the vineyard, the vat room, and the cellars
  • Introduction to the grape varieties of the Bordeaux vineyard, assembly workshop, and creation of your own cuvée. Become a cellar master!


Children can take part in the workshop for free, however, they cannot taste the wines.